How to get Free Wi-Fi anywhere for your android and iPhone.

free wifi anywhere

Actually, We all love to connect the Internet with Free Wi-Fi. Because which way we can do a lot of things when it comes to the file downloads and any types of uploads it does fast when we compared to the mobile data.


Because to download any big files from our mobile data we may have wasted from our mobile, for that reason we all used to find always for free Wi-Fi for mobiles like Android and iPhone.


These days most of the Places you will get free wifi that is what we are calling here Free Wifi Anywhere. like in this Discussion we don’t recognize the free wifi that around your area.


In this case, we always try to find for free Wi-Fi Network Around Us. Sometimes when we go outside then we also Turn On our wifi On mobiles and we start to find some free WiFi networks around Us right?


Likewise, everyone tries to find free WiFi network around them when they go outside but sometimes give you may fail to find out the free Wi-Fi because nowadays all big restaurants and shopping malls they are offering free Wi-Fi in the store so sometimes we may fail to find the free Wi-Fi around us.


free wifi anywhere iphone


Likewise, everyone tries to find free WiFi network around them when they go outside. but sometimes They may fail to find out the free Wi-Fi because  Thay may Don’t Know the best places to Find Out The Free Internet (Wifi).


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Nowadays all big restaurants and shopping malls they are offering free Wi-Fi in Their Stores. So We can Easily Connect to the Wifi If We are In Anywhere around the Place.


Once it actually happened to me I was going to Some in-between I get to have lunch on a restaurant I Just went in the restaurant and I was looking for my Food Order I simply have seen Board that Displays Free Wifi then I just connected I Checked my mails and So On.


Recently I have seen even in some rural area where we get free WiFi. I did not expect this that I get the internet in these areas also. By this, You can understand that lots of restaurants are offering free Wi-Fi.


There are lots of hotels and coffee shops also providing free Wi-Fi. if you go for some hotels and shopping malls they keep a board with free WiFi for everyone.  There you can see the Boards with Free WiFi for everyone.


So Let me Explain How we can Get free wifi Anywhere.


free wifi anywhere android


By using Mobile Hotspot:

You can also find the free wifi by using Mobile hotspot from other Internet users. There are lots of people who are using the Internet by on their mobile hotspot without knowing them and even they don’t put any kind of password for the hotspot. Some of them even they don’t know what is mobile hotspot is.


This kind people they always keep the Wi-Fi on, Then you may find some Peoples mobile their hotspot network always be On, then you can easily connect with them and you can use the Free Wifi.


By browsing Some Websites:

You might not access the Complete Internet but you can easily access some websites like Amazon and people’s magazine and Street journal. Some lines they’re giving wifi to Browse these kinds of websites while you’re traveling on the flight.


Now the Delta Airlines are Providing these kinds of the offer. You can’t browse you some important data like Email and others, But you can spend the time by checking some items on Amazon and also by Reading some magazines while traveling.



free wifi anywhere iphone



Get free WiFi access From Your Cable Internet:

This is absolutely true when you subscribed the Internet with cable the Company will provide you the Wi-Fi access to their customers. It’s better to check their website If It’s Available then you can download the app and start using the Free Wifi from Anywhere.


By tethering your mobile phone:

Free Wi-Fi is on your phone itself, In that Mobile phone just turn on the tether feature and you can start using from another phone by just turn on the Wi-Fi and you can also connect to your computer PC.

It works anywhere and everywhere you can easily Access for free Wi-Fi. This option can be very easy to use free WiFi from computer to mobile as well as from mobile to computer.



So these are some options where you can connect “Free wifi anywhere” to your android and iPhone from anywhere.  If you have any doubts regarding this post and while connecting WiFi. Just please let me know by the comment section below.


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